Frequently Asked Questions

q: What kind of consulting services do you provide?

A: Email Management, project management, general administrative duties, calendar management, invoicing, appointment setup, to name  few.

q: What does a virtual assistant do?

A: We do what you need and when you need it depending on the package you purchase

q: What are the typical costs of a virtual assistant?

A: They range anywhere from $1 to $100 per hour depending on certain services needed.

q: How do I know I need a virtual assistant?

A: If you are looking to free up time to focus on other tasks of business and not the administrative, a virtual assistant may be your best option.

q: How long does it take to do a job that I am seeking?

A: Time for the job varies and is dependent on the client's project. More specifics are provided during the consultation meeting.

q: Do I have to hire you as a full-time or part-time employee?

A: No. You only pay the contract we agree upon after our consultation meeting.

q: Do I have to provide you with any employee benefits if I hire your services?

A: No

q: Do you need access to sensitive information of my company/business?

A: You may grant as much access as you're comfortable with in order to get the the job done. All sensitive data is destroyed upon completion of the task.

q: What are the benefits of hiring a virtual consultant?

A: 1. You can reduce operational costs 2. Increased efficiency 3. Only pay for the time that the Virtual Assistant 4. Reduce work load to scale up business 5. Strengthen your weaknesses

q: Are there tips for working with a virtual assistant?

A: Be patient with the virtual assistant as they learn your business, Start with a few task at a time, done assume; give clear instructions for tasks, build trust with your virtual assistant, a little praise will go a long way

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