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Rhonda Austin


As the founder and owner of ARIA Virtual Consulting, I felt that it was a disservice that so many great entrepreneurs were not able to scale up their work due to matters that are seemingly tedious but ultimately vital for success. Hearing my community and their needs, I felt it was prevalent to use my expertise to serve small businesses and ensure that their goals are being met to the highest degree. I have worked with radio hosts, publishing companies, photographers, bakeries, and more. What we are today is a trusted source of support to businesses with a commitment to their passion and vision.

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Serving others is one of life’s greatest privileges. It is our desire to impact your life in a positive way to help you get the most you possibly can from your business.


The satisfaction of our clients and their appreciation for what we do for them is our top priority. We will do everything possible to go beyond your expectations and provide value. ARIA Virtual Consulting is confidently based on our personal belief that anything less than our best just won't do.

​We welcome the privilege of working with you as one of our Terrific Clients! ARIA Virtual Consulting – Sharing your passion, Embracing your vision! We are here for your custom-tailored business service needs.


Hello, I'm Rhonda Austin. Years ago, I had a dream that I wanted to start my own virtual assistant business but I didn’t know where to begin. After doing the necessary research in this field, my dream has finally been realized.  


I have spent the last twenty-plus years working in public media. Particularly, in Radio, in what is called the “traffic department.” Landing a job in traffic has molded me and has honed my skills to become a very detail-oriented person. In my job, I have to be organized, and focused, able to handle multiple projects and be on top of scheduling items for playback over the air. It requires patience, completing assignments in a timely manner, and being able to work well with everyone.


Growing up as part of a large family enabled me to learn patience, communication skills, and even scheduling. I can thank my parents for teaching us those skills. I’ve also learned how to juggle the responsibility of owning a business while raising a family. 


As your Virtual Assistant, I am here to take care of the small, yet important details of your day-to-day administrative tasks that keep your business running smoothly. You shouldn’t have to worry about all the time-consuming tasks, and my assistance will allow you the time to work directly on growing your business! 


Please allow me to take the stress off your hands so that you can continue to focus on what you truly are passionate about and grow your business. Your time is valuable and outsourcing those tasks not only improves your work and life balance but ensures you will reach your business goals.

I offer professional and custom packages for each of my clients.

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I'm always looking for passionate businesses to work with. Let's connect.

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